Welcome to the Global Christian Schools Network

The Global Christian Schools Network (GCSN) is a network of universities, institute, colleges and schools that share a common heritage of independence, theological foundation, and priorities beyond secular and public educational strategies.

Through an articulation agreement between member schools GCSN has made it possible for students that have completed an educational program offered through one of our Network schools to be able to matriculate into anyone one of our network schools.

Programs of Study

Our network of schools offer several programs of study. Each school is self-directed, yet their membership in GCSN entitles them to offer the best theological education available today. Select one of our network schools to see what programs they offer.


GCSN is the premiere provider network for schools offering evangelical Christian theology degrees for ministers, and spiritual leaders seeking to make disciples. Our schools offer quality education in Biblical Studies, Theology, Christian Counseling, Christian Education, Church Leadership and many other areas of concentration.

Start A School

We’re here to help put financial resources into your vision through our unique tuition sharing process. Our courses train and raise up leaders in your church and help you create a culture of servant leadership to serve the congregation and the community. We are here to serve YOU!

Latest News

Accrediting Organizations

The Global Christian Schools Network is supported by the organizations listed below. National Association of Private Theological Institutions National Bible College Association Accrediting Commission for Biblical Higher Education

GCSN Partners with Christian Bible Institute & Seminary

Global Christian Schools Network has partnered with Christian Bible Institute & Seminary to provide affordable curriculum for your institute, college, university or seminary.

Introductory Membership Fee

Global Christian Schools Network is now offering an introductory membership fee in the amount of $200.00. This will cover your first year’s membership with GCSN. The Introductory Membership Fee is being offered for a limited time only. Contact us for more information or to become a member of GCSN.