Online Study Resources for students

Biblical Training
Free Bible classes, seminars, and a library with articles, books, and transcriptions of lectures.

Bible Gateway
Over 180 fully searchable Bibles in 70 languages, including audio Bibles. Bible reading plans, devotionals, and Bible study tools.
A variety of study Bible suites, including Lumina and Net Bible. A wide selection of study and ministry resource tools.

A vast collection of Bible and Theology sources, including extensive bibliographies, electronic of class reference sets, etc.

The Online Greek Bible

A searchable Greek New Testament. Clickable words give a window with grammatical information.

Bible Study Tools

Thirty-nine searchable Bibles. Extensive study tools, including commentaries, concordances, lexicons, parallel and interlinear Bibles, and Bible reading plans.


A downloadable Bible software that includes multiple Bible translations, a reference library, Bible language tools, and audio sermons.

Study Light
Bible study tools that include a wide variety of English translations, Bible language tools, historical writings, and personal resources.

Blue Letter Bible
Bibles include a variety of English translations as well as the Hebrew, Greek and Latin text. There are also a variety of Bible study resources and commentaries as well as devotional resources.

Research Links
The New Orleans Baptist Seminary provides a wide variety of research links, including research in Biblical studies, theology, church history, etc.

The NTS Library
A full online Christian library, including research tools, reference books, periodicals, etc.

Online Commentaries
A wide variety of commentaries listed in canonical order. This is a section the website that contains other resources as well.

Lumina Bible
An online Bible that includes extensive textual notes.

Academic Bible
An online Bible study site with access to the Scriptures in their original language.

Online theological and Bible study resources.

Ministry Tools Resource Center
Christian ministry tools and resources.

A variety of free training videos for the local church.

Training in Ministry
A wide variety of equipping resources for ministry.

Internet Christian Library
A complete guide to early church documents, including early writings of the “church fathers,” early creeds, etc.

Early Christian Writings
A complete list of Christian and Jewish writings through the fourth century A.D.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Access to an exhaustive collection the writings of the early church fathers.

The North American Patristics Society
Early Christian texts in English, Greek and Latin.