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    Organization Details

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    Standards of Excellence

    All Schools must maintain high standards of excellence to remain members of the Global Christian Schools Network. Institutions may be dropped from the Global Christian Schools Network for any number of Reasons:
    • At the discretion of the Director of the Membership Board
    • unethical or dishonest practices
    • diploma/degree qualifications drop below Internationally Accepted Standards of Excellence
    • ¬†at the request of the Board of Trustees, and
    • questionable "Legal Degree Granting Authority".
    An Institution that loses its Membership may request an explanation for the Loss of Membership. The Institution will be given an opportunity to correct the problem(s). Membership may be reinstated if the problem(s) are corrected.


    Members of the Global Christian Schools Network may freely use the name and logos of the Global Christian Schools Network for lawful purposes to advertise their offerings to all countries and to all populations. The Global Christian Schools Network may use the names of all Member Institutions on a list of Member Schools and in any other appropriate and reasonable manner for the advancement of the Global Christian Schools Network.

    Hold Harmless Agreement

    Members of the Global Christian Schools Network agree to indemnify against suit and damages the Global Christian Schools Network for any unlawful acts or crimes committed by the institutions, organizations or their affiliates, subordinates and employees. Accredited Institutions and Organizations agree to hold the Global Christian Schools Network harmless and without liability if Membership is withdrawn at any time for whim or for cause or at the discretion of the Membership Board or by direction from the Board of Trustees. In the event that Membership is withdrawn, I/we agree to immediately notify all of our students of the change in our Membership Status and to refund any unearned tuition to departing students who may leave our institution as a result of our leaving the Global Christian Schools Network. Further, we will stop using logos and the Name of Global Christian Schools Network in our advertising and promotional materials. The Global Christian Schools Network will not be liable for any of our related expenses.

    Initiation Fee

    The Required Initiation Fee will be sent within thirty days of acceptance. We understand that there will be an annual dues assessed on January 1 of each year thereafter. We understand that only the Initiation Fee must be paid during our first year of Membership. The amount of the initiation fee is the same no matter when an Institution joins.

    Code of Ethics

    We have read and will follow the International Code of Ethics for Education Providers:
    • Provide an excellent education
    • Require excellence from faculty
    • Expect excellence from students
    • Publish a refund policy
    • Clearly state all course requirements
    • Work to keep the tuition and costs affordable
    • Provide an environment of Academic Freedom
    • Establish non-discriminatory admissions standards
    • Require teaching and grading be done by professors
    • Allow equal access to all resources to every student
    • Use technology to enhance the educational experience
    • All Accredited Schools will give fair consideration to all applicants and to all transferring students.
    I/We understand that we remain Members of the Oxford Educational Network and entitled to all of the benefits of Membership as long as we maintain:
    • legal and ethical organization and/or institution
    • high standards of excellence
    • pay our dues

    Signature of Executive Officer: