Start a School

Grow and Promote Your Unique Ministry Brand!

GCSN helps member schools grow and promote their Bible school brand. We are
here to serve YOU!

GCSN will help train and raise up leaders in your church and help you create a culture of servant leadership to serve the congregation and the community.

More than 30 schools have chosen to partner with Global Christian Schools Network (GCSN) as members of our network. This is a partnership designed to spread the Gospel all over the world!

1. High-quality training for your staff, lay ministers and congregation.
Global Christian Schools Network provides excellent theological, leadership and
ministry courses of study

2. It pays for itself and can generate additional income for local ministry.
Call Global Christian Schools Network to learn more.

3. It’s affordable.
Because of the digital model and mission of the teachers, students earn a Bachelor’s degree in Theology (B.Th.) for as little as $4,600.00 TOTAL — a fraction of the cost of traditional Bible college.

4. It’s flexible.
You set the schedule and select the courses to offer students based on your unique church needs. Our world is moving at a faster pace than ever before and today’s adult learners are extremely busy!

5. Equip your congregation.
Empower people to reach your community and the world for Christ. We offer courses in evangelism, missions, preaching, teaching, Biblical theology, books of the Bible, Biblical history and even ancient Greek and Hebrew language studies. Learn more about courses you can offer students.

6. Join a committed community of church leaders and pastors.
GCSN is a network of schools who support, pray for and spread the Gospel together. When you become a member of GCSN, you have access to a full array of resources, administration and technology. We’re here to help your school succeed.

7. Customized branding.
You may name your Bible College or Institute whatever you prefer.

Start Your Bible School in 6 Steps

Complete your GCSN membership application. Send your application and membership fee to the GCSN central office.

Schedule your first course. Follow our suggested 2-year course program or customize your school by selecting from over 300 life-changing courses from among our GCSN global catalog.

Submit your course schedule to the GCSN office. Make payment arrangements so the GCSN office can prepare your course materials.

Promote your school. Announce the start of your school, host an Open House, cast vision in your community, provide bulletin announcements, share on social media, e-blasts, etc. Communicate registration procedures.

Receive your course materials. Review all relevant GCSN policies and procedures and make final preparations for your first class.

Conduct your class. Be sure administrative assistance is in place, ready to support the success of your class and students.