Code of Ethics for Education Providers

Provide an excellent education
Require excellence from faculty
Expect excellence from students
Publish a refund policy
Clearly, state all course requirements
Work to keep the tuition and costs affordable
Provide an environment of Academic Freedom
Establish non-discriminatory admissions standards
Require teaching and grading be done by professors
Allow equal access to all resources to every student
Use technology to enhance the educational experience

All Accredited Schools will give fair consideration to all applicants and to all transferring students.

Admission Standards Subsection to Code of Ethics

Each School may set its own standards for admission
The standards for admission will be the same for all students considered for admission
No School is required to accept a student who is not qualified

All Member Schools of the Global Christian Schools Network will accept

Students from similar institutions
Credits from similar institutions
Degrees from similar institutions
Qualified students wishing admission to graduate programs

No student will be discriminated against or denied admission because of Gender, Race, National Origin, Economic Status, Class or Social Station.

Religious Beliefs, Social Affiliations and/or an individual’s LifeStyle Choices may be considered by the Admissions Committee of Seminaries, Theological and/or Religious Schools.

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